Update 2.2.1

TL;DR: Get your nose bleed under control and stock up on frozen waffles because our app is now ready for iOS Eleven.

*** NEW ***
• Oooh, some design tweaks that help our app fit right in with the rest of your shiny new iOS experience.
• DID YOU GET A NEW PHONE? If yes, cool. But, maybe when you set it up, your closet disappeared. Not cool. Email hello@cladwell.com and we can help you restore a lost closet.

*** IMPROVED ***
• Daily outfit generation now generates faster.

*** FIXED ***
• Users on iOS 11 would crash sometimes, and now they won't.
• Sometimes a user would go into the closet, and the app would crash. Not what we intended. Sorry about that.
• Same thing, but with storage. Ugh. Fixed.

What was new in 2.2?
• At long last, Cladwell Daily Outfits features men's clothing items, outfits, and styling rules. Upon signing up, you'll be asked for your clothing preference, and you can switch from within the app.
• Capsule Guide content added in this version. Head over to the "Discover" page and see what new goodies are there.

Thanks so much for using Cladwell Daily Outfits. Don’t forget to tell your (boy)friends that they can try it for free and maximize their closets by seeing all the expertly styled outfit combinations they own.

Do you have a suggestion for the Cladwell team? Visit cladwell.com/feedback and let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you would love to see in future versions.

Are you having trouble? Visit cladwell.com/hello and you'll find a ton of answers to a ton of questions. Also, find us on Twitter: @cladwellapp