Version 2.3

Update 2.3: The power user's update.

TL;DR: Remember when we said you didn't have to take photos of your items? Still true. BUT, now we let you if you really want to.

*** NEW ***
• Add your items from your closet to your Cladwell Closet by tagging the details and snapping a photo. Your photo will show up in the app, and the tags you select will apply to the style rules. YOU HAVE THE POWER! ALL THE POWER! TOO MUCH POWER?
• Rename your items! Tap on an item in your closet and give it a custom name. Very helpful for that graphic tee that is not just any graphic tee, but an OG Reading Rainbow graphic tee.
• New Capsule Guide content (We'll make sure you know about new stuff like this when it hits).

*** IMPROVED ***
• Improved item detail page with stats and tags. Now you can see what is happening behind-the-scenes of each of your items.
• Style update: Turtlenecks are back in style. And they never really left if we're all honest. We now have a sizeable collection and appropriate style rules for those classic hickey-hiders.

*** FIXED ***
• Minor bug fixes.

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