Update 2.3.3

Update 2.3.3: Precognition

TL;DR: A present: A preview of tomorrow's outfits, in the present.

*** NEW ***
• Preview tomorrow's outfits: See what the recommended outfits for tomorrow so you can better prepare by ironing or setting out your clothes or whatever it is you super organized people like to do.
• Updated the What's New section, so you can keep up with all the big things we're adding.

*** FIXED ***
• Fixed a bug where the app could crash during editing select items with grandad collars. We got a little confused, and we're sorry.
• Fixed a bug where the app could crash if you edited the capsules and items faster than we did on our end. We're sorry. We'll be better.

What was in version 2.3?

*** NEW ***
• Add your items from your closet to your Cladwell Closet by tagging the details and snapping a photo. Your photo will show up in the app, and the tags you select will apply to the style rules. YOU HAVE THE POWER! ALL THE POWER! TOO MUCH POWER?

*** IMPROVED ***
• Improved item detail page with stats and tags. Now you can see what is happening behind-the-scenes of each of your items.
• Style update: Flannels! Lumberjacks, rejoice. We have added hundreds of your favorite shirts.
• Style update: Turtlenecks are back in style. And they never really left if we're all honest. We now have a sizeable collection and appropriate style rules for those classic hickey-hiders.


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