Update 2.4.1

Update 2.4.1: We broke some things, and now they're fixed.

*** FIXED ***
• Your possible outfits page was doing some really weird stuff like showing outfits you shouldn't see, and showing you items you had removed. It has now come back from the twilight zone. It was scary in there.
• Sometimes we loved our recommendations so much, we gave them to you twice - or more! We aren't doing that anymore.
• Editing photos of your items had a feature where it didn't work, so we turned that off.
• Slightly different icon. It's minor, but it makes the designers happy. And you do NOT want to see the designers unhappy.


Thanks so much for helping us find these bugs instead of just, you know, running to the review section or something silly like that. If you want to help us make Cladwell worthy of a 6-star review, please continue to leave us feedback here: cladwell.com/feedback

If you need help, you should be able to find an answer here: cladwell.com/hello