Version 2.4

Update 2.4: Better outfits all around.

TL;DR: New outfit algorithm. Favorite & dismiss outfits. Interact with your clothing the way you wish you could interact with people sometimes.

*** NEW ***
• A completely re-written outfit algorithm. Our new formula now better represents the depth of your closet. You'll see a broader range of outfit styles, item selections, and temperature matching.
• Favorite and dismiss outfit recommendations. Want to stop seeing a single item for a while? Choose to snooze the single piece instead of dismissing the entire outfit.
• Filter outfit possibilities. We admit it; it's tedious to scroll through 132k outfits. So now you can filter outfits based on favorites or a selection of items to best get some outfit inspiration.
• Restore a lost closet! Did you get a new phone or delete the app? You can restore a recent version of your closet in the "Data Reset" settings menu. Cladwell backs up your closet daily.

*** IMPROVED ***
• Massive speed and quality improvement to our outfit algorithm and interface.
• First-time tutorial screens. We've added a few help screens to make it easier for first-time app users to jump in and start seeing outfits right away.

*** FIXED ***
• Various bug and crash fixes. And since it's flu season, we also fixed that.


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