Update 1.0.3

***Crash fixes, ya'll!***
This part is important: If you STILL experience app crashes after updating, please delete the app, and then reinstall this version. Ugh. We know that's frustrating, and we're sad about it.

  • If you filter for an item that doesn't currently exist in the database, the app won't crash. Instead, we will kindly tell you that we don't have it. Yet. Our temper is now better under control.
  • If you launch the app and it doesn't see weather data (or permission) it won't crash on you. Now, we'll be a lot nicer about what may or may not be happening outside.
  • If the app opened and then abruptly crashed, that won't happen anymore. Now, we let you use the app. Because that's why we made the app. (This happened to a small number of users who created their closets during a portion of our launch day where demand was ludicrous (Luda!) and service was interrupted.)

Hey, if you like the app (or you don't like the app) leave us a review. But golly folks, if you're having app trouble, it's a good idea to check out our support page first because we can quickly help you fix things. Plus, it's just a nicer thing to do.

Have a great day today! Thanks for being one of the first humans to use Outfits by Cladwell!