Update 1.1.1

Sometimes the things under the surface are the things that matter most. That applies to apps as well as people.

TL;DR: Major updates to how we apply the weather to outfits, and other substantial improvements under the hood.

• (singing) A whole new data infrastructure! We completely overhauled how our app processes the database of items used to create outfits, and as a result, the entire app is now faster. This means that more outfits will get processed faster. That's only a good thing. (stops singing)

*** FIXED ***
• We heard you. You told us your outfits weren't quite matching the weather. We fixed it. Our app may not inspire you to sing in the rain, but we now will inspire you to wear your rain boots in the rain, and only in the rain. We also agree that you don’t need to wear rain boots when it’s sunny.
• Items that are removed from the closet no longer will be recommended. Previously, if you deleted or moved an item to storage, we would still recommend it. That wasn’t fair to you, and we’re sorry. We called this supernatural phenomenon, Ghost Outfits™ but we busted it.
• We fixed some issues where the weather ignored sleeves. Your arms are important and deserve to be properly clothed.

We are grateful you're using Outfits. We want to make your life simpler and free you up to do the things that are most important in your life. It’s a great day. Wear it well.

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