Update 1.2.2

TL;DR: Lots of new ways to wear your dresses, and better outfit refreshes. It’s—dare we say—(re)fresh to death. Well, not really to death, that would be a problem. It’s just really fresh and we’re excited about it.

• Dresses: We added a ton of new outfit combinations for dresses (read: t-shirts under your slip dresses, button up shirts under your business sheath dresses, and more!). Our user testing shows that these new style improvements are going to make you feel like you have 27 more dresses, and it's going to make you want to sing Bennie and the Jets with James Marsden.

*** FIXED ***
• When refreshing outfit recommendations, we sometimes would give you outfits with the same shirt or dress. We changed it so a refresh is now a full refresh, not a half refresh. Half is good when you are sharing a cookie with a friend, but not so good when you are trying to get dressed.

Thanks so much for using Outfits. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can try it for free and maximize their closets by seeing all the expertly styled outfit combinations they own.

Do you have a suggestion for the Cladwell team? We love hearing your feedback. We added new dress outfits to the app precisely because of your feedback! Visit cladwell.com/feedback and let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you would love to see in future versions.

Are you having trouble? Visit cladwell.com/hello and we can help you. We really can.