Update 1.3.1

TL;DR: A better way to see whats new, actually getting outfits, and weather that makes sense!

*** NEW NEW NEW ***
• “What’s new” is new: We work hard to improve our app and incorporate your feedback. So, we want you to see that. Now on our Settings page, you can see a list of new features under “What’s New”.

*** FIXED ***
• There was a bug where our algorithm could get stuck while picking your outfits in the morning, so you’d never see outfits. This is literally the exact opposite of what we want. We’re sorry. Enjoy your outfits.  
• Weather Fix: .spoO .soahc dna noisufnoc ssam gnisuac ,sdrawkcab serutarepmet wol dna hgih rieht dah suislec desu ohw sresu erehw gub a saw erehT .drah s’ti dna ,namrehtaew a eb ot deirt eW
• A bunch of bugs were murdered. Don't even act like you're sad about that.

• All new settings page! Now things are neater, cleaner, and fitter, happier, more productive.
• New way to send us items to include in the database. Now just tap on "Submit items" and our styling team will review.

• In version 1.3 we introduced the hotly-anticipated and oft-requested EDIT OUTFITS feature. You guessed it, with this new Edit Outfits feature you can edit... wait for it... your outfits! We also redesigned the home screen and added a nice little carousel thing. It's pretty to look at.
• Edit your outfit recommendations: Want to swap out a pair of shoes or add a layer to your outfit recommendation? Do it. Want to log a particularly creative outfit combination we didn’t put together? Do it. Your closet is your art space. Don’t run with scissors. Wash the paintbrushes before you put them away. Other than that, go crazy.

Thanks so much for using Outfits. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can try it for free and maximize their closets by seeing all the expertly styled outfit combinations they own.

Do you have a suggestion for the Cladwell team? We love hearing your feedback. Visit cladwell.com/feedback and let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you would love to see in future versions.

Are you having trouble? Visit cladwell.com/hello and we can help you. We really can.


Look, not everyone reads these release notes. And we're really happy that you are right now. As a little treat, we're going to tell you what we're working on next: Capsules inside the app. Yeah, it's a big deal. We're really not even supposed to be talking about it, but we trust you to keep it a secret. We're going to be adding the ability to categorize the items in your closet, and only see outfits from that capsule. Plus, other stuff, but that's a big one. Cheers!