Update 1.3.2

TL;DR: A bug massacre. Fresh notifications. Now over 7,000 items.

*** NEW ***
• New push notifications! You'll see these messages when it's time for new outfits. Enjoy!
• New items. LOTS of new items. Keep those suggestions coming.

*** FIXED ***
• It's easy to say "minor" bug fixes, but when you use an app every day and experience a bug of any size, it's "major." So, we're always working on these bugs, no matter key they're in.

• In version 1.3 we introduced the hotly-anticipated and oft-requested EDIT OUTFITS feature. You guessed it, with this new Edit Outfits feature you can edit... wait for it... your outfits! We also redesigned the home screen and added a nice little carousel thing. It's pretty to look at.

Thanks so much for using Outfits. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can try it for free and maximize their closets by seeing all the expertly styled outfit combinations they own.

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