Update 2.0.1

TL;DR:  Better ways to see outfits than before, newer way to see items CLOSER than before, fancier ways to learn than before.

*** NEW ***
• New closet page! Better visualize what you have and haven’t worn. See even more of your possible outfits!
• Pinch it! See details and colors better by using pinch-to-zoom to enlarge photos when adding new items to your closet.
• Capsule content feed! Head over to the Discover page to experience more about the Capsule Wardrobe Lifestyle and how to better manage your closet.

*** FIXED ***
• Fixed a bug where the app could crash in certain cases upon generating outfits. This basically would defeat the purpose of the app, so it was a high priority for us. Thanks to everyone who sent us this. 
• Other minor fixes. Also, thanks to everyone that sent us these.

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