Version 2.0

The big two-point-oh? Yeah, more like two-point-oh-my-gosh. It's just that big of an update.

TL;DR: Organize your closet into capsules, and get outfits so much faster.

*** NEW NEW NEW ***
• Capsule Manager: Organize your closet your way: Have a capsule for any occasion. Make a work capsule, a going-out capsule, a casual weekend capsule, a these-are-not-my-clothes capsule, or even an I-can-only-wear-these-clothes-while-petting-doggos capsule. Log outfits from the capsule you want, no matter what you’re doing.

• Turbo Speed! All your possible outfits calculate much faster. In many cases--especially for users with large closets--your device may not have calculated all outfits. Now you’ll now see more variety, more speed, and more outfits.

• Edit your outfit recommendations: Want to swap out a pair of shoes or add a layer to your outfit recommendation? Do it. Want to log a particularly creative outfit combination we didn’t put together? Do it. Your closet is your art space. Don’t run with scissors. Wash the paintbrushes before you put them away. Other than that, go crazy.

Thanks so much for using Outfits. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can try it for free and maximize their closets by seeing all the expertly styled outfit combinations they own.

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