Update 2.4.2

Update 2.4.2: We dare you.

*** NEW ***
• Take our 7-day capsule challenge and see first-hand what it looks like to live with a smaller wardrobe. Give us a week, and we'll guide you toward fewer items and more outfits.

*** FIXED ***
• Some minor bug fixes. Although, to be fair, when you're faced with a bug, it's not minor. So, we shouldn't downplay it like that. Instead, we should say this:
• Bugs are annoying, and we're working hard to fix them. Thank you for your patience, and for sending us the issues you're having.


Thanks so much for helping us find these bugs instead of just, you know, running to the review section or something silly like that. If you want to help us make Cladwell worthy of a 6-star review, please continue to leave us feedback here: cladwell.com/feedback

If you need help, you should be able to find an answer here: cladwell.com/hello