Items in this section apply only to Roadmap for men


1. What you get with Roadmap

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With a Cladwell Roadmap for Men subscription, your personal capsule wardrobe is generated for you based on a series of surveys and information about your body type and coloring. Once you have your wardrobe of the items you need for this season, you can shop for those items specifically through our site and buy them from online retailers.

Instead of basing our business model on selling clothes, we provide a subscription service which allows us to pay the bills, live within our convictions, and work toward providing an excellent service for our users.

The idea behind a subscription with a fee every 3 months is that you will use the site to create a new capsule when the seasons change. As the weather, your activities, and fashion trends change, your capsule can change with you.


2. Selling clothes

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No, we don't sell clothes. We recommend clothes that you can buy from other retailers. Why? Because you need someone on your side. There are already millions of people trying to sell you things -- and that creates clutter.

Instead, we give you the tools to find the items you need to complete your wardrobe regardless of where you buy your clothes. By separating ourselves from the garment industry, we can focus on you and fix the systemic issues.


3. Your lifestyle preferences

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Your best bet is to take a look at the survey answers you gave - tweaking these will make a big difference in the clothes that we recommend. Specifically, the "Style Settings" section has a huge impact in the style of clothes you get. And, you may want to double check your "Color Settings" with your Style Analytics.


4. Managing Your Capsule

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I built my capsule. Now what?

  • After entering your color palette, style, and activities, you’ll see what we suggest for your capsule. Next, clean out your closet and check off what you already own, adding any details that are important to you. After that, it’s time to shop for items you still need and start creating and exploring outfits. The Guidebook is a great place to dive a little deeper, but don’t forget the big picture.

How do I delete a capsule?

  • When looking at the capsule you’d like to delete, select Edit Details at the top right, then Delete This Capsule.

How many capsules should I have?

  • The best rule is one capsule per season with as much overlap of items across seasons as possible. So, if you live in a place that gets hot and cold, wet and dry, and everything in between, you’ll probably want 4 capsules, maybe more. But if you live in a place that really just has two seasons, like hot and not as hot, you probably only need 2. You can also consider creating micro capsules for special occasions, like a vacation, or for a special activity, like horseback riding.

What about accessories?

  • Check out our blog post about that here

How do I create a capsule?

  • It’s easy to get started! Just select Build New Capsule. Then give it a name, enter a time frame you’d like that capsule to address, and select a cover photo to help you identify this particular capsule from others you might create in the future. After that, select Build My Capsule to continue the process. You’ll then walk through a series of steps you can read more about in our Guidebook under Getting Started.


5. Closet Cleanout

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I'm having a hard time letting go. Help?!

  • Almost everyone has this experience. Just remember, you're not throwing anything away during your first sorting of Pile 1 and Pile 2. The first round is a simple, binary yes or no decision. Don't make it too hard on yourself by trying to figure out what to do with everything right away.

What do I do with Pile 2 when I'm done?

  • You can sort this pile into smaller piles that might include a giveaway pile, a sentimental pile you want to keep in storage, and maybe an out of season pile that's for storage, too. All of this stuff in Pile 2 is the stuff that you don't need right at hand; it's not stuff you need to see in your closet every day. So DON'T PUT IT BACK IN YOUR CLOSET. DON'T YOU DO IT. (sorry for yelling)

6. Shopping

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I have a shopping list, but I can’t afford to buy everything right now. What should I do?

  • Prioritize your list for items that will get the most wear. So, if your capsule suggests 4 pairs of jeans and you only have 1, consider buying jeans first. When you’re ready to buy, check out the brands we recommend in the Shopping section of the Guidebook or in the Shopping tab of your capsule.

Where should I shop?

  • Check out the Shop tab of your capsule or the Shopping section of the Guidebook.