See the story behind Cladwell.


"We want to make lives better. We believe we can do that by helping you own less, while loving it more."


Somewhere along the way, we started believing that buying things and staying on trends will make us happy, whole, or confident. We started to believe that shopping would make our life better.

We don't buy it anymore.

True happiness comes from meaningful experiences, relationships, and contribution to society.

No more shadows.
Your clothes can be 100% sustainable and slave free.

No more slave to trends.
You can have your own style, whatever that style is.

No more consumerism.
You can buy a small number of quality pieces.

No more manipulation.
You can influence how brands create clothes.


United by sustainability.

Our team of stylists, bloggers, developers, and storytellers care deeply about seeing people free to curate their lives and experiences as stories that communicate truth.


Blake Smith

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Alison Lechlak

Senior Product Designer


Erin Flynn

Chief Marketing Officer

Robin Bonatesta

Full Stack Developer


Levi Bethune

Chief Creative Officer

Colin Flynn

Interim Chief Technical Officer


Christina Lambert

Digital Marketing Coordinator



Marketing Specialist


Cladwell Is Hiring

To the recklessly authentic, ruthlessly focused, passionate few who ask forgiveness rather than permission: We're hiring.

Our Core Values

These may not mean anything to you, which is why they are all the way at the bottom of our website. But they mean a lot to us, which is why they are even on our website.




Cherish People

Be Authentic

Pursue Less But Better

Cladwell is built lovingly by hand in Cincinnati, Ohio.