Getting Dressed Everyday: There's An App For That

I'm the girl that loves thinking about what I'm going to wear. In fact, getting dressed in the morning is kind of my jam. That said, I'm always looking for inspiration in the mornings and searching Pinterest for new ideas on how to wear the items hanging in my closet. Needless to say, it takes me about 30 minutes to get dressed. All this said, building an app that I could personally use to give me daily outfit inspiration was motivating to say the least.

What is this app you ask?? It's called Outfits. Outfits is an iOS app that generates daily outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. Here's what 3 days of my week looked like while I was being dressed by Outfits:


I've had these maroon jeans sitting in my wardrobe all season long but was never quite sure what to wear with them. When I saw this look recommended on the first day of the challenge, it kind of surprised me that I had never worn it before. So I went for it. Suddenly, this app had become a Pinterest page personalized to my closet!

#TakeTheTime: This morning I drank an extra cup of coffee of course!


This look felt 100% me. Though I don't normally wear a button-up underneath my jean jacket (for no apparent reason). It's funny how you get in a rut wearing the same items that create the same exact outfits over and over. It took the app to break me out of that habit and to begin to see the clothing I had as opportunities to create fresh looks.  

#TakeTheTime: My husband and I take one car into work. Normally, I'm running late and he's waiting for me downstairs while I'm scrambling to put on make-up, do my hair, and figure out what to wear. This morning, I was able to take the time to actually enjoy my morning and talk to him a little longer.


What can I say? Before I even looked outside, my rain boots being recommended to me was a quite literal sign of the weather for the day. Luckily, I love a good rainy day.

#TakeTheTime: To act like a kid and jump in some puddles on the way back from lunch.

Even though I was part of creating this app, it's still somewhat surprising to me that an app actually helps me get dressed each morning. Since I've started using Outfits, I've cleaned out my closet twice and have cut my morning routine in half. So I'd say... it's working.

Give Outfits a try. And don't forget to tell us how it goes! Tag Cladwell on Instagram and use the hashtags: #TakeTheTime, #ootd, #wiwt. We want to know how you take the time! 

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The Beginner's Guide To Outfits by Cladwell

Even if you haven't used Outfits by Cladwell to help you get dressed, we're guessing you still wear clothes - at least we hope so. So, if you're interested in wearing clothes, then you just might be interested in this app. And here's a guide on how it works.

Meet Outfits by Cladwell.

Outfits for iOS is like having a personal stylist that helps you get dressed every day. It takes the weather into consideration and even helps you decide what new items would go best with the clothes you already own.

Whether you're still learning the basics or looking for some pro tips, we're here to help you get the most out of your Outfits app.  

Outfits by Cladwell: The Beginner's Guide

1. Get The App

Outfits is exclusively a mobile app on iOS. In order to get the app, you must download it on your iPhone and sign up for an Outfits account. 

Pro Tips:

It's like having a personal stylist every day for the price of a delightful cup of coffee. Outfits is only $5/month.

2. Add Your First Items

When you log in for the first time, Outfits will ask you to tap on items that are similar to those in your closet. They do not have to be exact - just something with a similar base color and style, so it can be paired with complimentary items and so that you'll recognize it when it gets recommended to you.

Pro Tips:

Only add items from the current season and items that you would wear during a typical work week Monday through Friday. That way, each daily outfit recommendation will be suited to your daily lifestyle.

Right now, the 3,000 items (!) that you can choose from to add to your closet are geared towards your work week, meaning that we don't have a lot of athletic or formal wear. So, focus in on what you wear from 9 to 5, and remember that just because we don't recommend sweatpants doesn't mean we don't slip into ours too at the end of the day. 

3. Outfit Recommendations

Each day, Outfits will recommend three outfit suggestions to you based on the weather outside and the last time you wore your clothing. Do you like to plan the night before? Or, do you need to take the day as it comes? You can personalize when Outfits gives you your daily outfit recommendations.

Pro Tips:

By tapping on "Allowed Notifications", you can set a personal notification for what time every day you'd like to see new outfit recommendations.

By tapping on "Allowed Location", you'll get outfit recommendations based on the weather outside.

4. Log your daily outfit

Most women only wear 20% of what's in their closets. Logging your daily outfits allows you to keep track of what you wear on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, so you track what percent of your closet you actually wear and which items get the most use.

Pro Tips:

Be sure to log your outfits every day. Don't be afraid to log an outfit even if you've added something to it to make it your own. That way, you can look back at your history page and see what you've been wearing.

If you notice that you're not wearing something very often (or at all), it should probably become the easiest thing you've decluttered from your life this week.

5. Manage Your Closet

You’ll get the most out of the Outfits app by curating your closet according to what you wear on a daily basis... and just what you actually like wearing! This way, each and every recommendation will be suited to your lifestyle and your tastes. Tap into each item to see the outfits it creates; this helps you see the potential of each piece of your wardrobe.

Pro Tips:

If you find yourself not wanting to add certain items from your real closet into the app, it's probably a sign that you don't love the item. In other words, it might be time to let it go.

If you're not wearing a certain item because it's not in season, but you still love the item, just move it to storage. You can do this by clicking into an item and simply switching the toggle by "include in daily outfits?"

When adding more items to your closet, don't forget to use the filters! (So you don't have to scroll through hundreds of tops.)


6. Discover Page

Never ever go shopping without a plan again. This page shows you suggested items to add to your wardrobe, highlighting their interchangeability by showing you how many outfits each would create if you owned it. Think of this page as saving you from the one-time-wear-dress that you'll regret buying the day after you buy it.

Pro Tip:

If you've decided an item would be a good addition to your closet, tap the heart in the corner to add it to your wish list. (Let this wish list be your shopping guide next time around!)

Tap on an item to see all the possible outfits it could make with the clothing you already own!

We hope this beginner's guide helps you get to know Outfits. But don't take our word for it, give Outfits a try for yourself! Save yourself 15 minutes in the morning and #TakeTheTime to do something that doesn't involve staring into your closet. Also, don't forget to tell us how it goes by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtags #TakeTheTime, #ootd, #wiwt.

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I Didn't Stare Aimlessly Into My Closet This Morning

For three days, Outfits by Cladwell dressed me. Translation: for three days, I didn't waste even one minute staring (aimlessly? hopelessly? insert preferred adverb here) into my closet, willing an outfit to appear. Outfits is an iOS app that generates daily outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item.

Saved from this soul-killing indecision, I did other things. Good things. Like make myself a healthy breakfast, sleep more(!), and discover a new favorite novel. Here's what it looked like:


Outfits suggested my A-line dress, grandpa cardigan, and my favorite flats. With my outfit set for the day, I got to take some time to style the look. So, I added some patterned tights, skipped the contacts-hassle for the day, threw on my colored glasses to spice up the look, and voila! Dressed for the day.

#TakeTheTime: With my extra time, I made myself a smoothie in my effort towards healthier eating. The latte and scone I had later might have cancelled it out. But it was a start. And a start made possible because I had 15 extra minutes that morning. (The app can't fix all my bad habits I guess...).


I got this crew neck sweatshirt for Christmas and had never even thought of layering it. On Tuesday, Outfits combined some of my favorite pieces into a new favorite look: boyfriend jeans, crew neck sweatshirt, button-up, and chelsea boots. I didn't even add anything I was so pleased.

#TakeTheTime: I got up at 5:35AM today to make it to a friend's house by 6:00AM. Yes, that means I used my extra time to get 15 more minutes of precious sleep. Without having to give a second thought to what I was wearing, I threw myself out of bed, put on some makeup, grabbed some granola, and made it somewhere at a ridiculously early hour *on time*. It was like magic. Well actually it was like someone telling me what to wear while I was so sleepy my eyes weren't even open. I could get used to this. 


Sun's out and Outfits suggested a great girly casual combo with my strappy flats, jeans, lace top, and grandpa cardigan.

#TakeTheTime: My extra time in the morning meant I got 15 more minutes of reading time today. When you're powering through a best-seller like Ann Patchett's Commonwealth, those extra 15 minutes are like GOLD. Literally, get the app, so you can read the book. You won't regret either choice.

If 15 extra minutes of reading (or let's be honest, sleep!) sounds good to you, give Outfits a try. And we are dying to see & hear how it goes! Tag Cladwell on Instagram and use the hashtags: #TakeTheTime, #ootd, #wiwt. We want to know how you take the time!

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What’s Next For Cladwell: Introducing Outfits

In November of 2015, we launched Capsules by Cladwell. Our first month was slow; we had about 100 women sign up. We were a little nervous. But then something exciting happened: we helped those 100 women build minimal wardrobes. And they experienced real change in their lives. Then, they told their friends. The site was clunky, but the freedom was real. Fast forward 14 months later, tens of thousands of women have used Cladwell to simplify their wardrobes.

Yet, something was missing from the “Capsule Wardrobe” conversation.

It’s one thing to build a capsule wardrobe one time but an entirely different thing to figure out how to interact with clothing every day. 

We as a society have a deep-rooted addiction to buying new clothing. Every time we feel uninspired, intimidated, or even bored, our default behavior is to leave our closet and go searching for a new “hit”, which results in more clutter.  In fact, sometimes even building a capsule wardrobe is an excuse to indulge in buying more clothing.

But buying is not the answer.

What we realized is that having a smaller wardrobe doesn't limit your options. We think if everyone knew this secret we would all buy a lot less. The first place we should go when we feel uninspired, intimidated, and bored is not to the mall - but within ourselves: “How can I create something new and beautiful out of what I have?” 

Meet Outfits by Cladwell

To help us shift our focus toward what we have, we created Outfits. Outfits starts where you start each morning as you stand in front of your closet and pick out what to wear. Every day we give you new and inspiring outfit recommendations from the clothes already in your closet. From there, we track your outfits, and help you discover the right items to add to your closet, all without taking a single photo.

At $5/month, we maintain our commitment to guide you toward a life of simplicity and away from a life of clutter. We’re proud of Outfits: the daily practice of the capsule wardrobe.


The Daily Practice of “Capsuling”

Our goal is to transform the act of getting dressed in the morning from 15 minutes of frustration (“I have way too many clothes and nothing to wear”) into a delightful and centering experience of intentionality.

We want to save you time each morning and encourage you to spend that time doing something that is meaningful to you: connect with a family member, meditate, or maybe even sleep in. We want you to reclaim your morning ritual and use it as a springboard to an amazing day.

Cladwell + The World

The trend toward more and more, cheaper and cheaper (called Fast Fashion) has decimated the environment and individuals in the countries that manufacture our clothes, and the trend is escalating. 

And the truth is, we have consumed our way into this problem, so we can’t consume our way out. The path forward must be one where we fundamentally shift our behaviors and consumption habits. We see this new app as a critical step in that direction by tracking what you actually wear and seeing which items go best with the items currently in your closet before you got out and buy more.

So here is my request: Try it out. Let us know what you think. Tell us what we’re missing and how we can make it better. And together, we will create a clothing industry that is good for people.

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5 Ways To Wear A Jean Jacket

I say, "jean jacket." You say, essential? Interchangeable? Boring? Hold up. Stop right there. If you're bored with this essential item, it may be because you're in a small styling rut. We were. So we paused. Skipped the trip to the mall. Rolled up our sleeves and started styling instead. And now, we've fallen back in love with this crazy-interchangeable closet favorite.

Eddie Bauer Jean Jacket (pictured)

DSTLD Denim Jacket (responsibly made)

Whether A) you've owned a jean jacket for years and need some fresh styling inspiration or B) you're contemplating a purchase and need to see its interchangeability, here are 5 ways to wear your jean jacket. It's a good place to start. Then, wear it your way & don't forget to tag us on Instagram and tell us how you styled yours!

1. With A Button Up & Jeans

2. With a T-Shirt

3. With a Hoodie

4. With Joggers

5. With a T-Shirt Dress

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