4 Ways to Prep for Your Closet Cleanout

Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task. It’s kind of like working out. You have to really get motivated to do it, but once done you feel so much better about your life. Okay, so maybe I’m speaking from personal experience. But I digress…

The thing about a Closet Cleanout is preparing both mentally and physically for the task. The more prepared you are going into it, the smoother it will go.


Then, here’s 4 quick tips for prepping for your Closet Cleanout:

1. Invite a Friend

If you are one of those people who can convince yourself to hold onto anything. I suggest scheduling your closet cleanout with your significant other, best friend, or style confidante. Set a date, time, and grab something to drink. Pretty sure the last part is a necessary component to a successful cleanout. Again, this suggestion may or may not come from personal experience.

2. Do Your Laundry

Yea, we realize how not appealing that last statement sounds. However, making sure you have a full look at ALL the clothes you own, not just what happens to be clean, is key. The only way to knock out your closet cleanout in one sitting is to view your closet in its entirety. So prepare a day before you've scheduled your cleanout by completing all your laundry.

3. Get Your Materials

You’ll be breaking up your clothes into two piles, the clothes you love and the clothes you don’t. To keep sane, here’s 4 must have materials to layout the night before:

  1. Hangers (for hanging… self-explanatory)

  2. Trash Bags or Boxes (for packing)

  3. Paper & Pen or Excel (for cataloging trends)

  4. ItsDeductible app (for tracking donations)

4. Set The Mood

We recommend creating a Spotify playlist or using one you already have. If you had an hour or two just for you, what would you enjoy… peace and quiet or the best 90s rap you can imagine? We won't judge. No one is forcing you to do this, so enjoy the journey. The destination will be totally worth it.

Now go on...  schedule and prepare. Your closet is awaiting your arrival! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #closetcleanout to show us your Before & After.