How To Create Your Personal Color Palette (Plus Take Our Color Quiz)

When creating a capsule wardrobe picking out a cohesive color palette is one of the most helpful things you can do to ensure that your capsule experience will go smoothly. Not only do you want to pick colors that go together but you also want to pick colors that complement the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone. With that in mind, we've created 12 different color palettes based off that criteria so that your capsule plays up what makes you, YOU.  Not sure where to start?

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Simply find which palette best describes your coloring and start making your palette.

*Disclaimer* You might not fit perfectly into one season of color palettes, which is actually pretty normal. If you're floating between two palettes you're in a good place. 


Summer Color Palettes

Light Summer:

  • Light to medium ash blonde hair or strawberry blonde hair

  • Blue eyes or green eyes

  • Skin has either a neutral or pink tone and ranges in pale beige

Soft Summer:

  • Hair ranges from a dark ash blonde to a medium ash brown

  • Eyes are grey-blue or hazel

  • Skin ranges from beige to dark brown. Beige is neutral and dark brown appears ashy

Cool Summer:

  • Hair is a medium to dark ash brown with little to no red tones

  • Eyes are Grey, blue, grey-blue

  • Skin is either neutral beige, a cool beige or dark skin has a cool undertone

Spring Color Palettes

Light Spring:

  • Hair can be golden blonde, light red or strawberry blonde, or light to medium golden brown

  • Eyes are blue, hazel, green or light brown

  • Skin is pale with peach or pink undertones

Clear Spring:

  • Light to dark golden brown hair

  • Eyes are blue, green, or light brown

  • Skin ranges from ivory to warm beige with pink undertone to warm brown, bronze and dark brown

Warm Spring:

  • Hair ranges from strawberry blonde to coppery red to light golden brown to dark golden brown

  • Eyes are blue, green, hazel or light brown

  • Skin is ivory, warm beige, bronze and might have freckles

Fall Color Pallettes

Soft Autumn:

  • Golden blonde to medium brown hair and soft red hair. If your hair is ashy you're more likely a Soft Summer

  • Green, blu-green, hazel and light brown eyes

  • Skin can be ivory, neutral beige, olive or brown

Warm Autumn:

  • Hair ranges from medium to dark golden brown and can also be a warm red or auburn

  • Green, hazel or light brown eyes

  • Skin can be ivory, warm beige, bronze and brown. Skin and hair and eyes have an overall warmth

Deep Autumn:

  • Medium to dark brown hair with warm tones

  • Eyes can be dark blue, green, hazel, brown, brown-black

  • Skin ranges from ivory to golden beige to olive to bronze to brown

Winter color palettes

Cool Winter: 

  • Hair can be an ashy white blonde, light ashy brown to dark ashy brown to black with no red tones

  • Eyes are bright blue, grey, blue-green, light brown

  • Skin can be neutral beige, soft olive or black

Clear Winter:

  • Dark brown to black hair that may have red tones

  • Bright blue or green eyes

  • Skin can be milky white, neutral beige, soft olive, or brown-black

Deep Winter:

  • Hair is medium to dark brown of black

  • Eyes are dark hazel or dark brown. If your eyes are lighter brown you might be Deep Autumn

  • Skin ranges from olive to brown to black


Once you figure out what colors you like best and which colors look best on you, you're ready to start making your color palette. We suggest breaking your color palette down into three categories:

1. Neutrals

Neutrals are just that neutral colors. These are the basic building blocks of your capsule and are typically the color of your shoes and tees/tanks. 

2. Mains

These are the colors you love and wear all the time. They can be more neutrals, pastels or really anything you want. It's your color palette after all!

3. Accents

Accents are the colors that you like but may be too bright or bold to wear everyday. Or perhaps just a color you like that didn't make it into the coveted 'Main' position. 


The best palettes will include a mix of colors that complement you, especially for your neutrals and mains. Don't forget to include colors you simply love (accents are a great place for these). If you just can’t decide, choose the colors that make you feel most like you.