What Jenn Learned After The 10-Day Challenge | Summer 10x10

Thanks for following along with our Summer 10x10 for the past two weeks! If you're just joining, you can read all about the wardrobe challenge here. Here's the gist: create 10 outfits from 10 items for 10 days. I (Jenn) joined Lee - the creator of the 10x10 - and Caroline for this challenge. I'm so grateful that I was able to join in; the 10x10 community on social media is truly so welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned this week was that having a smaller number of items to pull from forces me to be more creative when styling - especially when it comes to neutral pieces. Not to mention, having planned my outfits in advance made for very low-stress mornings. I could get used to that!

Summer 10x10 Recap: (Also known as the "Jennx10")


  1. Grey tee (Madewell)

  2. White button-up (Madewell)

  3. Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar here and here.)

  4. Black tee (Madewell, old. Similar here.)

  5. Blue and white striped midi dress (Old Navy, old. Similar herehere, and here.)

  6. High waisted jeans (Levi's)

  7. White wide-leg cropped jeans (AG Jeans)

  8. Jean jacket (Levi's, old. Similar here.)

  9. Sandals (Target)

  10. Block heels (Madewell)


Outfits 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10


  1. Grey tee: 3 outfits

  2. White button-up: 3 outfits

  3. Patterned shorts: 3 outfits

  4. Black tee: 3 outfits

  5. Blue and white striped dress: 2 outfits

  6. High-waisted jeans: 3 outfits

  7. White wide-leg cropped jeans: 2 outfits

  8. Jean jacket: 3 outfits

  9. Sandals: 6 outfits

  10. Block heels: 4 outfits


  1. It's not so weird to repeat items in the same week! I've experienced some real stress when it comes to outfit-repeating (a little pathetic, I know.. but hopefully relatable). My mantra ever since I've started working at Cladwell has been "wear what you love" and this could not be truer during a 10x10 challenge. If you love a summer dress, it is not illegal to wear it on back-to-back weeks!

  2. Limiting my closet made me think creatively about pieces that weren't in the 10x10. When I was styling these outfits, I kept wanting to grab a different pair of shoes or a different jacket to make the outfit seem really distinct. This made me have a "duh" moment--why am I not this excited to mix and match my items when I have access to my full closet? I often forget how to use my items together, but when the items are "off-limits" I immediately come up with one million ways to wear my other clothing. Basically, FOMO of the closet occurs, and I just can't wait to wear my other clothes. Not a bad lesson to learn: my closet is full and good and there are a lot of pieces I love love love to wear!

  3. Next time, I'll add more color. If (when) I participate in another 10x10 challenge, I'll be sure to include more pops of color in my items. This being my first 10x10, I think I stayed a little too safe with my color choices. While I loved the palette I was working with (white, black, grey, and blue), I was itching to wear my warmer pinks, reds, and oranges that I usually wear in the summer. I almost considered adding a red top but backed out last minute for fear of wearing it too frequently (see lesson number one). Next time, I won't be so shy when it comes to my pieces!

  4. Have fun! Smile more! Being photographed every day for two weeks could have turned into a real disaster of not-liking-photos and not-feeling-like-being-photographed (I'm not a model, blogger, or Instagram mom, and I'm typically a little picky about what photos are shared). Having photographers on the Cladwell team who make you feel loved and beautiful is one key to enjoying public photoshoots (thanks Levi and Alexa!). I also tried not to dislike any photo from the two weeks of photoshoots... a new, separate challenge on top of the 10x10. It was truly life-changing! If you're having trouble with this one, try this: think about how you'd think of a best friend taking the same photo ("dang girl! heyyy! looking good! you are beautiful!"), then shower yourself with those thoughts too. Feeling good in your skin is just as important as feeling good in your clothes, which is something we are all about here.

Whew, that got deep. I hope this challenge can encourage you to have some fun with your clothes - that's what it's all about! Don't forget to check out Caroline and Lee's recaps to see their outfits, thoughts, and even some bonus outfits that didn't make it into their 10x10. Happy Monday!