Summer Wedding Attire For Men Made Easy

It’s summertime, which means you probably have a wedding or twelve to attend. Whether you’re a guy that needs serious help or a girl who is responsible for the guy that needs serious help, we got you. Here are some clothing tips to make sure you are comfortable and look good for your next nuptial celebration. 

Day Time Weddings

The Dressed Down Look: A simple blazer, tie, and chinos . Items: Blazer, button down, khaki chinos , belt, socks, shoes. (Blazer? Really? Yeah – Why not? - At least make an entrance and ditch it on the back of a chair (safe from wrinkles) if it starts to feel cumbersome. Colors: Go for a tan, gray, blue, or navy blue blazer and light colored pants. Give your tie a pop of color for fun. Colorblind or unsure? Take Cladwell’s color quiz and find out what colors work best for you. 

The Dressed Up Look: A light suit and and a contrasting tie, baby. Items: Suit, button up shirt , belt, tie, socks, shoes, optional pocket square. Colors: Stick with a light colored suit—not black. It’s a celebration, so give your tie and/or pocket square a pop of bright color. Fabrics: Linen, cotton, or twill—again, never wool or flannel.

Evening Weddings

Dressed Down Look: A suit Items: Suit, button up shirt, belt, tie, socks, shoes, and pocket square. Colors: Go for a navy, gray, charcoal or black suit, with a light colored button up. Light blue, cream, gray, pink or checked are great choices, depending ony our color palette (Cladwell can help you figure out what’s best for you). Be careful not to wear only one color—if you’re wearing a gray suit with a light gray button down, make sure you add a pop of bright color in the tie and pocket square. Fabrics: Linen, cotton, or twill—no wool or flannel.

Dressed Up Look: A tux: formal weddings Items: Tux, button down, belt, bow tie, socks, shoes, and cufflinks. Colors: Stick with a black or midnight blue tux. Go traditional with a white shirt, or if you’re feeling fresh and don’t want to be mistaken for a waiter, wear a light colored button up. A light pink, blue, or yellow will give your tux a whole new look. Fabrics: Lightweight wool or wool/polyester blend (to save some cash)—no heavy wool or flannel.

Enjoy the dance floor, open bar, and good company—you look great.