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Boyfriend Jeans 6 Ways

The borrowed-from-the-boys look is one that is lovable and wearable. It's a nice break from ultra-feminine styles or the pressures of wearing such form-fitting clothing. And when it comes to denim, there's no need to worry 'cause you can rock this style while still looking polished in your favorite pair of jeans (having your cake and eating it too, am I right?).

Skinny jeans, we still love you, but for those of us that wear jeans frequently, we're happy to have a second option. Here's a few ways we styled our boyfriend jeans for lounging, going out, warm days, and cooler evenings. 

1. Keep it simple - and comfy.

  • Make it easy on yourself with a breezy t-shirt and comfy kicks. 
  • V-neck from TJ Maxx, Converse + Baldwin Jeans (Made in Kansas City).

2. Gym shoes work, too!

  • Different shoes = instant sporty vibes.   
  • Lady & The Sailor Tee (Made in the USA), Nikes (similar) + Baldwin Jeans.

3. intermingle a ladylike top & heels with your boyish jeans.

  • Your jeans can take you places - even a nice dinner or event. Put on a swipe of lipstick and your favorite accessory for an extra oomph! 
  • Off-the-shoulder top from consignment, Mossimo heels, + Baldwin Jeans.

4. Business meets casual.

  • A blazer and heels with your BF jeans is a great way to look polished without feeling too stuffy. And with a fun pop of color underneath, you can take the blazer off for a "going-out" look you can dance all night in (yes, we encourage dancing). 
  • A vintage DKNY blazer, Free People bodysuit, Mossimo heels + Baldwin Jeans. 

5. Easy, Warm days. 

  • Grab your favorite summer tank, simple sandals, and a hat to block the rays and you're ready for sunny weather in your boyfriend jeans!
  • TJ Maxx top, hat from local boutique Kismet, Gap sandals, + Baldwin Jeans.

5. cool, Fall nights. 

  • It's all about balance - a fitted sweater and heeled booties juxtapose your slouchy jeans.
  • Madewell Sweater, Free People booties, + Baldwin Jeans.

Here are some boyfriend jeans we love: 

By AG Jeans (Made in the USA): "The Ex Boyfriend" Slim
By Gap: a fun, embroidered version
By Madewell: The "Boyjean"
By Good American (Made in the USA): High Rise Boyfriend

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1 T-Shirt Dress 6 Ways

Whether you're a dedicated capsule wardrobe-er, or you're really just looking for new ways to wear your go-to dress, here at Cladwell, we love being your guide to maximizing your closet. We took our favorite t-shirt dress and styled it six ways for all sorts of occasions, seasons, and comfort levels.

Rather than viewing a t-shirt dress as so casual that it restricts you, change your viewpoint: its simplicity actually allows you to broaden its use. Get creative! Yeah, it's t-shirt material, but this staple piece in your closet can be dressed up or down. 

1. Leave the dress as it is. 

Try pairing your dress with casual sandals and a few of your favorite accessories. Done and done. 

2. Belted and tucked up.

It's like two completely different dresses in one! Try it with elevated shoes, a pretty necklace, and cuff for a great date-night look or outfit for drinks with friends!

3. Throw a jean jacket over your dress.

Wear your dress long or short with this look! Add sandals with a little lift, a long necklace, and a top knot. (Not feelin' a bun? Try a pretty braid in your hair, or a bandana, OR a bandana wrapped in your braid! Hello, options!).

4. Add a zip-up hoodie underneath your jean jacket.

And swap out your sandals for sneakers. Super comfy and easy, but still looks like you put some thought into it. Consider it your new get-up for busy days running errands (this look would be cute with a high-pony, too!). 

5. Add a trench over top.

For warmer days, we chose a sleeveless version, but this dress will carry you into all seasons with your favorite long-sleeved jacket, bomber, or [long-sleeved] trench! A good pair of heels allows you to rock this look at the office, too. 

6. Swap out your shoes for a whole new vibe.

For a "cool girl" look: try swapping out your heels for a good pair of sneaks for comfort and stylistic edge. 

Other ways to get the most out of your t-shirt dress: try it with booties, riding boots, combat boots, Chucks, Vans (shoes galore), a chambray shirt over top, a comfy pullover sweater, your favorite leather jacket, fun tights for the cooler days, or try a turtleneck or t-shirt layered underneath. The possibilities are endless, people. 

Whether it's getting out of your comfort zone or sticking to what you know, wear what you love and what you feel good in, always. 

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7 Fun Ways To Wear Your Bandana

1. Of course... The "Classic":

Tied casually around your neck. Simple, but always adds a fun flare to your outfit.

2. The "Choker":

A new take on the "classic" - fold your scarf over until it's nice & neat, wrap it around and hide the knot with a good tuck at the back of your neck. Now, say hello to your new [bandana] necklace. 

3. The "Bracelet":

We tied ours loosely, but wrap it around as many times as you wish! Pair it with your favorite watch and/or bracelet(s). 

4. The "Old School":

While we rarely see them worn like this anymore, if you're feeling adventurous, there are in fact ways to wear your bandana like this without looking like a biker chick. Choose a scarf with a delicate pattern and wear it with a breezy button-up or your favorite sundress. And hey, if you are going for the just-got-off-my-Harley look, go ahead and pair your bandana with your trusty leather jacket and some worn-in jeans. (Personal style is always encouraged). 

5. The "Headband":

Also another classic take on the bandana. Position the knot wherever you like; to the side, at the nape of your neck, or at the top of your head for a cutesy, "I Love Lucy" look. 

6. The "Ponytail Holder":

When you're sick of elastic bands but also don't want to resort to a scrunchy like it's 1985, here's a pretty way to tie up your locks. 

7. Last but not least... Throw it on your bag!

A lot of us carry the same purse day in and day out ('cause who wants to transfer over all of its contents into new bags every other day? Um, nobody). So, this is a cute way to give your go-to bag a little "pop!"

Here at Cladwell, we love finding ways to get the most out of our clothing and make outfits feel like new. Accessories are a great way for just that - to keep our clothing fun and the process of getting dressed every day that much more enjoyable. 

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JUST IN: What's New In The Cladwell App?

You’ve tried our app, been with us through the very beginning of its life, hoped and dreamed for newer features, and shared those ideas with us. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what you’d like to see in the app. You’re helping us make the app the best it can be! Our developers have been working hard to create Cladwell version 1.2 and the time has come to share it with you, the world. We hope you like it as much as we do.  

Below, you’ll find descriptions of new features that you’ll notice in version 1.2 of the Cladwell app. Below below, you’ll see what’s coming up soon (aka, what the Cladwell team is working on right this very second)!



Log your outfit from the closet

Tap on an item in your closet, then choose “show outfits”. From there, log any outfit you’d like. Example scenario: “I know I want to wear my high waisted jeans, but what should I wear with them?”... tap on those high waisted jeans, scroll through all possible outfits, log the one you choose. This new feature will help your logging be much more accurate, not to mention give you access to logging every single possible outfit in your closet!

Refresh an outfit from the home page

Don’t like an outfit on the home page? Simply tap the “...” in the bottom corner of the outfit square and choose “refresh this outfit”. The outfit will be replaced with a new one. Magic!

Log an outfit from your history

Outfit repeating is a-okay with us. Now you can choose to log an outfit from your history. Tap on the calendar from the home page, scroll to that outfit you loved last Tuesday and log it for today. Easy peasy!

New clothing items added

We had some issues adding new items to the database, but our amazingly talented developers fixed them all and the new items are rolling in! Check out hundreds of new items - from tweed suit jackets to black cork sandals to wide leg pants. You asked, we listened. (Note: if you have any item requests, let us know here:

Free trial! 

Each subscription now starts with a three-day trial! Not only can you tell your friends about Cladwell, but they too can experience the Cladwell app at no cost for three days! In addition, there are a few new pricing options - including an annual subscription for $39.99. We'll save you from doing the math; that's saving you 60%!

*For the more technical folk, check out our Release Notes for Version 1.2. 



Create separate closets

Within your closet, create smaller closets ("capsules"), then choose outfits from those closets. For example: categorize all your business casual items for a Work Capsule, then choose to get outfits only from that closet Monday through Friday. Have a different closet called Weekend Capsule for your more casual, not-appropriate-for-work outfits. 

Customize an outfit to log

Replace items within a recommended outfit with any of the items in your closet. Example: love the recommended outfit but the shirt is dirty? Tap the shirt, choose another shirt from your closet, then log the outfit. Ta-da!


As always - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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The Summer Wedding Survival Guide For Guys

Weddings can be difficult to navigate. What exactly is cocktail-black-tie-semi-formal attire? But worse even than this jumble of words are the invitations with no directions at all. You’re on your own. And you better not screw up. This couple’s wedded bliss depends upon you picking the right pocket square.

That was a joke. Keep breathing. And keep reading. We've been slowly gathering every wedding tip and trick we can find from every Cladwell employee in the land (who knew you could have a heated discussion about dress shoes vs. leather lace ups?), and here's the wealth of wedding guest wisdom we've collected.

Cladwell's Wedding Tips:

1. Begin with what you own.

           We’re about to give you a wealth of inspiration in our casual to formal looks - so start where you’re at. If the wedding is casual and you own pants, shirt, and bowtie, then you're set. 

2. If you need to add, add – but get creative.

           If you’re going to a formal wedding and you need a suit, then go get a suit. Sorry, no other option (see suit search tips below). But that doesn’t mean you need to go drop crazy amounts of dollars. Ask around to see if you can borrow from a friend. Try renting a suit or shoes

Here are some looks you can create, starting with what you already own.  

 Summer Weddings - Dressed Down: 

These looks are appropriate for "casual" weddings. Casual looks in the summer usually go along with morning or afternoon weddings that are outdoors or in more low-key venues. If you're unsure of the dress code, then throw on a blazer to dress it up (it's always better to be a little overdressed, because you can always ditch the blazer). 

Look 1  

  • Patterned button down

  • Navy dress pants

  • Leather lace-ups

  • Leather belt

  • Patterned tie

Note: You probably already own these items for work. Don't be afraid to try a little pattern mixing and wear some color.

Look 2

  • White button down

  • Khaki chinos

  • Leather lace-ups

  • Leather belt

  • Patterned bowtie

Note: Dress up your chinos with a classic button down and bowtie. 

Look 3

  • Blue patterned blazer

  • White button down

  • Khaki chinos

  • Leather lace-ups

  • Leather belt

  • Patterned bowtie

Note: You don't need to own a suit to dress up your casual wedding look. Sometimes you only need a blazer. Here are some tips for finding one you love.

Summer Weddings - Dressed Up

For your semi-formal and formal weddings, chinos won't cut it. These will all involve a nice suit. Here's where to find one: 

1. Your local shop ($$$).

This is your most expensive and best quality option. You'll pay the big bucks, but you'll also leave with a suit that's perfectly tailored to you - that's gonna last for quite some time.

2. Online tailored suit options ($$).

These options allow you to order suits tailored to your measurements without quite the expense of a local shop. We recommend Suit Supply and IndoChino. These sites let you pick out your suit and then walk you through how to send in your measurements.

3. Local retailers ($).

Men's Wearhouse: the store's more tailored, modern cuts are limited but it's a good location for a classic affordable suit. 

Here are some looks you can create, starting with your brand new (or old favorite) suit.  

Look 1

  • Blue suit

  • patterned button down

  • Brown leather belt

  • Brown leather dress shoes

Note: The no-tie look can work for outdoor afternoon occasions (but when in doubt, go with the tie). 

Look 2

  • Blue suit

  • White button down

  • Brown leather belt

  • Brown leather dress shoes


Look 3

  • Blue suit

  • White button down

  • Blue tie

  • Brown leather belt

  • Brown leather dress shoes

Note: This look can work for your formal afternoon or evening weddings.  

Look 4

  • Black suit

  • White button down

  • Black bowtie

  • Black leather belt

  • Black leather dress shoes

Note: This is for your nicest evening weddings if black-tie isn't mentioned on the invitation. If it is, then you just have to suck it up, rent a tuxedo, and pretend to be James Bond for the evening. Rough life.

We get that wedding attire is hard to navigate, so check out some more articles if you need a little more inspiration or guidance. Go here for a specific wedding dress code guide, here for a live conversations about all things related to weddings for the guys, and here and here for some tips for the ladies. 

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